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The Cafè

Interlaken, Switzerland
New in Interlaken! The Barrel Craft Café is a trendy Café serving small 'artisan lite bites', delicious local products, Unbeatable coffee with specialty selected 'Swiss Roasted Bean'.

We have 6 Specialty Taps pouring only the best Craft Beer from around the world & there is over 400 beers in our shop You can take it away in a 'growler' or bottles or drink @ the Barrel

Craft Gins are a mega trend world wide.... and we have over 50 for you taste!

Breweries in store


Interlakens einheimisch bier

3970 Nordwand Brauerei

Bier aus Grindelwald

Haarige Kuh Brauerei

Richtig craft-bier


craft-bier aus Ringenburg

Speakeasy Beers & Ales

West coast craft bier


To us, beer is like rock’n’roll


the craft beer revolution


pushing the boundaries of brewing


Brauereien aus Dänemark

Nicht nur bier. Es gibt für jeden Geschmack etwas

Liebst du Kaffee?

Hochwertige Schweizer geröstete Kaffeebohnen
We are passionate about quality coffee & we think you'll get the best coffee around at the Barrel. We have sourced great coffee beans from a swiss roaster. We have also trained as ‘CSAA Intermediate coffee baristas'.... Come in and try one of our specially coffees, we're sure you'll be happy

Käse & Fleisch Platter

Perfekt mit einem Craft Bier, Wein oder Whisky

Artisan Sandwiches

Fresh with local products

Frische und lecker Salate

Jeden Tag etwas anderes!

Süßigkeiten und Desserts

Perfekt mit tolle Kaffee

Now in store


There is a great range of gift Ideas and packaging at the Barrel. Why not a Custom made gift with top qualitity products. We have a great range of Sauces, Drinks, Pasta, Sweets and much more...

Maranades, Bbq Sauce & Hot Sauce

From Sweet baby Rays to Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce you'll be sure to find some thing for your Summer BBQ

70+ Craft Gins

The new craz sweeping the world.... We're not a Gin Bar but we have by far Interlakens best range of Gin. All of our Gins are avaliable to drink in or take away

Single Malt Wiskies

A Whisky lovers paradise! Relax a tasty one of our 200+ Whiskies. There is not only single malts, We have American, Rye, Canadian, Irish, Japanese whisky